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150t Battery Powered Transfer Cart
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Brief introduction

150t battery powered transfer cart, which can run on L-form, S-form or curved track, even perpendicular rails. It is also suitable for all kinds of transportation occasions, such as the inflammable or explosive environment, especially used as a ferry car.


150t battery powered transfer cart for industrial material handling,  powered by a lead-acid battery, can only be equipped with a charger, can be recharged and automatically powered off after charging, environmentally friendly and durable.

This series of battery-powered transfer cart for industrial uses a DC motor for speed regulation. Because there is no cable, there is no limit to the running distance and route. You can not only take a straight line, but also take the “C” or “S” type route, but there is a requirement for the turning radius. If you support the electric turntable, you can not only run the cross. The route can also be docked at an angle of 360°.

150t battery-powered transfer cart can be used indoors and outdoors, suitable for ambient temperature -30 °C - 70 °C. The battery capacity is limited, and there is a limit to the working time. The battery capacity can be increased according to the work intensity to extend the working time.



The lead-acid battery is industrial-specific, its electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid, the electrode is composed of lead and lead oxide, used for battery-powered rail trolleys, installed inside the transfer cart.


The standard configuration of battery charging time is generally In 6-8 hours, after a full charge, it can be used continuously for 4-5 hours. High reliability, easy maintenance, recyclability and cost saving. The capacity and performance of the battery can be customized according to different usage environments and work requirements


The reducer is a K series gear reducer with the stable transmission, large bearing capacity, low noise, high energy saving, small size and space saving, large starting torque and frequent start. It is suitable for small gauge electric flat transfer trolley and is easier to install and maintain.


The lead-acid battery is equipped with a special switching power supply device intelligent charger. The charging process is mainly divided into constant current-constant voltage charging, floating charging and balanced charging.


When the charging is completed, there will be a light warning and automatic power off, and there is an alarm function. The charger also has short-circuit, open circuit and other protections, which can save electricity and can be quickly charged, without damage to the battery and prolong the service life of the battery. Moreover, the charger is small in size and easier to move and carry.

Our Company

Our manufacturing plant is located in Yudong developing area in Xinxiang city and it covers 30,000 square meters. The product category covers more than 80 kinds of material handling equipment products, including turning electric transfer car, trackless, ladle, abrasive blasting, painting booth, hydraulic lifting, mining industry...

Our products meet JB/T6127-10 machinery industry standard, with characters of compact structure, strong loading capacity, safe operation, low noise, and elegant appearance, easy maintenance.


Nowadays, we have got 8 national patents and passed ISO9001 Quality management system and have developed and exported our own patent products.

If you have any interest, welcome to visit our plant, and we can offer you the technical drawings for free.